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Saturday, 24 March 2012

ASH GOURD - as remedy for many diseases ?

Tender Fruit
Ash gourd is also known as white gourd, winter melon, white pumpkin etc. It contains lot of water and fiber and is excellent source of vitamins B1, B3,C and minerals. This has been found to be effective for the treatment of peptic ulcers, constipation, kidney stones, dandruff etc. Ash gourd is widely used in vegetable curries in India. This trailing type vegetable can be grown in homestead garden.
Seeds are used for propagation. Main seasons of cropping are Jan-March, May-June and Sept-October. Seeds have to be sown in pits of 60cm diameter and 30cm depth. Use 3or4 seeds in one pit after mixing soil with cow dung powder or decomposed organic waste. Only one pit is required for a family.
Irrigate plants once in 4 days. Manuring using kitchen waste and raking should be done two or three times. Earth up during rainy season for better growth.
Major pests of Ash gourd are Epilachna beetle and fruit fly. The Epilachna beetles may severely attack in seedlings stage.  To control these pests use Neem based organic insecticides such as Neem kernal suspension, Neem oil-garlic emulsion etc. Banana fruit trap has been found to be more effective against fruit fly.
Harvest tender or mature fruits according to requirement. Mature fruits are seen in white color.
Mature Fruit


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