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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cucumber & Oriental Pickling Melon

Cucumber and Oriental Pickling melon are easy growing vegetables belong to cucurbits group. Cucumber is mainly used for salad purpose whereas oriental pickling melon is used as cooked food.

Cucumber is seen very effective to prevent dark circle formation around human eyes.

The ideal seasons for sowing Cucumber are January –March and September –December. Rainy season is not suitable for this crop.

Seeds can be sown in pits of 60cm diameter and 30cm depth. Pits should be raked well after applying some decomposed kitchen waste. One pit of 3plants is enough for a four member family.

Regular irrigation, weeding and manuring should be done for getting good yield.
The main pest of this crop is a kind beetle named Epilachna beetle. This beetle destroys plants eating entire leaves, if not control. Remove and destroy eggs and adult beetle. Avoid chemical pesticides as far as possible.

Take care to harvest tender fruits of cucumber for salad.

Cucumber fruit

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