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Thursday, 29 March 2012

DOLICHOS BEAN - A vegetable that gives yield daily.

Scientific name of this vegetable is Lablab purpureus. It is known as Avara/Amara in Kerala. It is a legume widely grown in world as vegetable or pulses for human consumption and forage for livestock. In Kerala, Dolichos has been cultivating since years. It is grown well during summer in kerala.
Trailing and bush varieties are available in this vegetable. Pusa Early Prolific is one of the high yielding trailing varieties. It can be grown easily in homestead garden. Sunny area should be selected for this crop.
Seeds are used for propagation. Seeds can be sown in pits of 60cm in diameter and 30cm in depth during Aug-September. Cow dung powder or any other organic manure should be applied in pits before sowing. Three plants can be retained in a pit. One pit is enough for a family.
When the plants start vining, trellis for trailing should be provided. Regular irrigation and manuring is necessary. Cow dung slurry can be used as manure once in a month.
Bush varieties can be grown in furrows during summer.
The leaf caterpillar is a common pest of this crop. Avoid chemical pesticides as far as possible.
Harvesting of bush varieties can be started 45 days after sowing. But in the case of trailing type it will take some  more days.


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