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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Drumstick -an easy growing vegetable


The drumstick( Moringa oleifera) is widely grown in India. It is an easily and fast growing one. Its fruits, leaves and flowers are used as vegetable. Its bark is also used as medicine. Stem cuttings in a length of 1-1.5 m  are used for planting. Seeds are also used for propagation. One or two cuttings are enough for a family. Corner space in homestead garden can be used for growing this tree.

The best time for planting cuttings is onset of monsoon. Usually the cuttings sprout within a week. It does not need any care during rainy season. In summer the cuttings may be irrigated, in case the drought is severe. If the purpose of tree is only getting leaves, regular irrigation must be given during summer .At the same time leaves should not be nipped, if the purpose is pods/fruits.  We may get 10-25 kgs of pods  from a tree.   

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