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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Homestead gardening

The purpose of homestead gardening is to utilize the space around the home for growing agricultural crops such as Vegetables and food crops. Growing ornamental plants may also be included in it.

Today, we can`t say that the agricultural produces such as Vegetables, Fruits, pulses, Tubers, Spices etc available in open market are 100% pure for human consumption. Because the farmers who cultivate the crops are only interested in enhancing their earnings by their increased production. To achieve this end they use excess quantity of plant protection chemicals and chemical fertilizers. Some pesticides are not even recommended for application on crops. But farmers use these pesticides and even banned  for increasing their production.
The only way to overcome the menace is self growing of food crops in our homestead. The available area in the premises of our home can be utilized for this. If you don`t have space around the house , don`t worry, you can even use your open terrace for growing minor crops such as vegetables. Almost all vegetables can be cultivated on terrace. Thus Amaranth, Bhindi(Okra), Coleus, Cucurbitceous and Solanaceous vegetables and some food crops can be easily grown in homestead.
While planning homestead gardening, some  factors are to be considered. The amount of space, availability of water, presence of sun light, existing trees growing, number of family members and their taste and the kind of domestic animals are some of them important.  

Organic waste of kitchen and excretion of domestic animals and birds can be fully utilized as manure for homestead gardening.

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