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Sunday, 25 March 2012


Scientific name of this vegetable is Coccinia grandis. It is also known as Koval in India. Its fruits are small and rich source of nutrients. Fruits of this vegetable have been found to be effective to prevent Diabetes.

This is a trailing type vegetable. Stem cuttings with three or four nodes selected from high yielding varieties should be used for planting. As male and female plants are seen separate, cuttings for planting should be collected from female plants.
Little gourd is grown in pits of 60cm diameter and 30cm depth. About, 15 kg of organic manure may be applied in pits at the time of planting. When the plants start vining provide trailing materials.
Irrigate the plant once in four days. Some organic manure should also be applied 30 days after planting.
No major pest and diseases are seen on this crop.
Usually Little gourd gives yield frequently with out much care.      


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