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Monday, 19 March 2012


Pumpkin fruits
 Almost all people like Pumpkin. This vegetable is used regularly by some people.  Some dislikes the sweetness of this. Such people can use tender fruits of Pumpkin. As matured pumpkin is sweat, it can be used for making sweat dishes like Halva, cake etc. Ripe pumpkin has keeping quality up to one year. But tender fruits have no such quality.  This vegetable can be grown in homestead garden very easily. It doesn’t need much care. One or two plants are enough for a family.
Pumpkin plant

The main planting seasons of Pumpkin are Jan-February, May-June and Sept- October. Rain fed crop is better for homestead gardens. As this is a trailing one, suitable place should be selected. One pit of 2 or 3 plants is enough. The pit may be in 60cm diameter and 30cm depth. 4 or 5 seeds may be sown in one pit. One week after germination retain only 2 or 3 plants in pit. Well rotten kitchen waste may be applied in pits before sowing.

High yielding Indian varieties: Ambili, Suvarna, Saras and Sooraj

The major disease in Pumpkin is  Mosaic disease caused by virus. This may cause  total destruction of crop.
A Mosaic disease infested plant


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