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Friday, 20 April 2012

GUAVA – A fruit plant that gives fruit daily

Guava is a fruit plant that can be grown easily in homestead. One or two plants will meet the fruit requirement of a small family. Guava fruits are rich source of vitamin A, calcium, Phosphorus and crude fibre. In India the tender shoots, leaves and bark of Guava are used as medicine.
Today, many early bearing and high yielding varieties of Guava are available for planting. Among them, there are varieties having fruits of large & small sized, white, red and yellow flushed, and round & pear shaped. Promising varieties available in India are Lucknow-49, Lucknow-42, Allahabad safeda, Apple colour, Behat coconut, etc.  Choose cultivars according to our taste.
Seed propagation is not practical in Guava. Layers are widely used for propagation. Layers are planted in 60x60x60cm pits. Before planting, pit should be filled with top soil and cow dung powder or any other organic manure. June-July is the ideal time for planting. Avoid shady area for growing.
80 kg Cow dung, 400 gm Urea, 400 gm Super phosphate and 500gm Murat of Potash can be applied for grownup plant. Fertilisers may be given in two or three split doses.
During summer irrigate the plant once in a week. Pruning may be done whenever necessary.
Guava starts bearing from 3-4 years after planting.


  1. Thank you for such an informational post on Guavas. They are indeed a delicious and rich fruit. Also, the last picture won’t load so can you fix the error?

  2. I have grown guava plant at my homeyard. It almost gives fruit after every few days and it's really beneficial to have fresh fruits from your own garden.