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Friday, 13 April 2012

VERMICOMPOST PREPARATION - A best way of disposal of household waste.

Vermicompost is one of the best organic manures, for vegetables and other crops, that can be prepared easily in our home itself. Kitchen waste and other homestead waste can be used for preparing this manure. Vermicompost contains major and minor nutrients in plant available forms, enzymes, vitamins and plant growth hormones.
Vermitechnology is a process by which all types of biodegradable wastes such as farm wastes, kitchen wastes etc. are converted to nutrient rich vermicompost by using earthworms as biological agents.
Let us see how to make vermicompost from household waste.
Select a wooden box of 45x30x45 cm or an earthen/plastic container with broad base and drainage holes. Keep a plastic sheet with small holes at the bottom of the box. Add a layer of soil of 3cm depth and a layer of coconut fiber of 5cm depth above it for draining of excess moisture. Add thin layer of compost and worms above it. About 250 worms are sufficient for the box. Spread daily vegetable wastes in layers .Cover the top of the box with a piece of sac to provide dim light inside the box. When the box is full, keep the box without disturbance for a week.
When the compost is ready, keep the box outside for 2-3 hours so that the worms come down to the lower fiber layer. Collect compost from the top, sieve and dry under shade. Now it is ready for application. Earthworms aggregated at the bottom layers can be used for further vermicomposting. The vermicompost produced has an average nutrient status of 1.8% Nitrogen, 1.9 % Phosphorous and 1.6 %Potash, but composition will vary with the substrate used.

Courtesy : Kerala Agricultural University             

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