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Thursday, 17 May 2012

PAPAYA - An easy and fast growing homestead fruit plant

Do you like papaya fruit? I think your answer should be ‘yes’. If not, I advise you that try to like it because it contains a large quantity of papain, an active enzyme that helps digestion.
In Kerala, Papaya is grown in almost all homesteads. It is an easy and fast growing fruit tree. The Papaya prefers a rich, well drained soil. Water logging area is never suitable.
Seeds are used for propagation. Usually, seedlings will be available in homestead itself, if we used to eat Papaya fruit. With the onset of monsoon we can see that seeds we thrown out starts germination. You can use these seedlings, but you get the best results if you use seeds of promising varieties such as Washington, Honey dew, Coorge Honey Dew, Solo, Co1, Co2, Co4, Pusa nanha, pusa Giant.
20 days old seedling
When the seedlings are 10cm high, they can be transplanted in pits of 50x50x50 cm. Two plants are enough for a family.10 kg of organic manure may be used in pits at the time of planting, if the soil is not fertile. Make sure that the plants are received kitchen waste. No much care is needed for Papaya.
The seedlings flower within 60-70 days after planting. Male plants should be removed as soon as they flower and retain only females. The female plants start giving fruits within 3-5 months after planting. One tree gives 25-30 fruits in one year.  We can use ripe or green fruits according to our use.  


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