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Monday, 2 July 2012

COWPEA – Season and different varieties

Bush type Cowpea

Being a rich source of protein cowpea is cultivated as vegetable and grain. People of Kerala are very much interested in the cultivation of Cowpea. Cowpea is also cultivated as fodder.
Season: Cowpea can be grown in any season. As a rainfed crop it can be grown in the month of June in Kerala (India).In June after the heavy showers cowpea can be sown.
1-Vegetable type :
Semi trailing type
a)     Bushy: Bhagyalakshmi, Pusa Barsathi, Pusa Komal. b) Semitrailing :Kairali, Varun, Anaswara. Kanakamoni, Arka Garima. c) Trailing type : Sharika, Malika, KMV-1, Lola, Vyjayanthi, Manjeri Local, Vylathur Local, Kurutholapayar.
2-Grain type:
   C-152, S-488, Pusa Phalguni, P-118, Pusa Do Fasli, Krisnamony, V-240, Amba,       GC-827, CO-3, Pournami and Shubra.
3-Dual purpose type:
   Kanakamony and New Era.
Plough the area to be sown thoroughly. Make channels of 15cm depth at 2m apart to drain off excess water. For grain type and dual purpose type, if dibbling is done, spacing of 25cm between rows and 15cm between plants is recommended with two seeds per hole. If broadcasting is adopted, the seeds can be sown over the field thoroughly ploughed. For bush type spacing of 30cm between rows and 15 cm between plants may be given.
Trailing type
For cultural practices and other details please see my post “COWPEA-a leafy vegetable?” of March 2012.

Bushy type Cowpea planted in pits

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