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Friday, 17 August 2012

GINGER – A spice crop

Ginger is a spice crop growing well in tropical region. It is scientifically known as Zingiber officinale. We can grow it easily in our homestead garden. Being a spice, the use of Ginger is widely accepted in almost all countries. Ginger oil and Ginger oleoresin are some of the ginger products.
Ginger prefers well drained rich soil with organic matters. It can`t withstand in water logged area even for a day.  It grows well in the sun as well as half shady area.
Some of the promising varieties of Ginger are Maran, Wayanad, Mimachal, IISR-Varada, IISR-Rejatha, IISR-Mahima, Rio-De-janeiro, China, and Tafengiya.
Ginger is propagated by its rhizomes. Chose healthy and disease free seed rhizomes for planting. The best time for planting Ginger is during the first fortnight of April, after pre-monsoon showers. For irrigated Ginger, planting can be done in the middle of February.
Plant seed rhizome bits of about 15gm weight in small holes at a spacing of 20x20cm on beds. Apply one or two handful of dry cattle manure in each hole while planting. Mulching should be done with dry leaves immediately after planting.
Regular weeding and earthing up should be done for Ginger. Manuring may also be done before earthing up, if necessary.
Harvest can be done from 6th month onwards for vegetable purpose and 8-9 months after planting for dry Ginger.

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