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Monday, 26 November 2012

Mango-Ginger (A crop that can be grown even in shady area)

Mango ginger is not related to Ginger or Mango botanically. It is morphologically similar to Turmeric and scientifically known as Curcuma amada. The rhizomes of Mango ginger is used for pickles, chutney, candy, sauce, salad etc. It is also used for medicinal purpose. It is seen effective for biliousness, itching, skin diseases, bronchitis, asthma, hiccough, and inflammation due to injuries.
Mango ginger can be grown well in partially shaded area as an inter crop with vegetables. Rhizomes are used for propagating this crop. Disease free rhizomes weighing 15-25 gm are suitable for planting. Many local varieties of Mango ginger are available.
Grown on bed with mulching
Plant Mango ginger in April with the commencement of pre-monsoon showers in holes on beds with a spacing of 25x30cm. Cattle manure or compost can be applied as basal manure. Mulch the crop immediately after planting. The rhizomes start germination within 3-4 weeks.
Remove weeds time to time and earth up two months after planting. Harvest can be done six months after planting.


  1. Looking for this plant or rhizomes to buy or trade.

  2. But where is the market for this ?