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Friday, 27 September 2013

TAPIOCA-A tuber crop giving large quantity of starch.

Tapioca plant

Tapioca is a commonly used tuber in all over the world. It is a rich source of starch. The portion of starch comes about 25-30%.

Mature tuber
Boiled tuber of Tapioca is widely consumed in major parts of India and third world countries. It can be kept for long period by drying. 

Pre-boiled Tuber(After peeling)
Tapioca can be grown in our homestead very easily. It prefers sunny area and well drained soil. For growing this, waste portion of our home premises can be utilized. Stem cuttings are used for planting Tapioca. High yielding varieties having better cooking quality are available for planting. M-4, Sreejaya, Sreevijaya, Sreeharsha and H-226 are some of them.

Boiled Tuber ready to eat

Select mature healthy stems. Discard about 15cm from lower and 30cm in upper end. Stems in 15-20cm long can be planted on mounds or ridges. Take care to keep soil moist up to plant`s establishment. Thereafter it can be withstand for long time resisting drought. However, for better yield moisture is necessary.

A well grown tapioca plant
Organic manure such as cattle manure, kitchen waste or compost may be used at the time of planting. Keep the plants weed free by raking basin frequently. By doing this, the soil can also be kept airy for growing tubers well.

Tapioca becomes ready for harvest 8-10 months after planting. Short duration varieties give yield from 5th month onwards.

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