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Friday, 21 March 2014


Quality seeds have an important role in vegetable growing. Seeds alone can ensure 20-30% increase in yield. Let us know how to collect seeds of some vegetables.

Ripe Brinjal fruit
Brinjal : When the colour of fruit changes to yellow, harvesting can be done. Seed is extracted by simple crushing. Crushed fruits are mixed with water and pulp is removed by washing. Sedimented seeds are separated and dried in shade.

Ripe Chilli in red colour
Chilli : Harvesting of the fruits are done, when the fruits are fully ripe and turn red. Fruits are dried and threshed by beating with sticks. Seeds can be extracted from fresh fruits also.

Harvested dried Bhindi
Bhindi : Dried pods are harvested leaving the pods at the top of the plant. To avoid shattering of seeds, pods may be picked periodically before the fruit bursts. Then pods are dried, threshed and separated seeds. Seeds should be cleaned and dried in shade. 

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