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Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to extract TOMATO seed?

The fruit red in color ready for harvest
We all know that quality seeds are necessary for growing Tomato. But how we make it from Tomato fruits? You know how to extract Tomato seed easily? Generally Tomato fruits for seed purpose are harvested when they turn red in colour. Extraction of seeds from these fruits is not so easy. To make it easy we can follow the following methods for extraction.
Ripe Fruits for seed
a)     Fermentation method:
In this method fruits are pulped and the pulp along with seeds is kept for fermentation for 24-48 hours. Then it is washed thoroughly to remove the mucilaginous material around the seeds and then dried under shade.
b)    Acid method:
First pulp the ripe fruits and add Con.HCL @ 100ml/10kg pulp. Keep the mixture for half an hour. The seeds will settle down at the bottom by the time.  Then remove the floating fraction and wash the seeds well. Use only plastic or cement containers for keeping pulp.
c)     Alkali method:
Sodium hydroxide or washing soda at the rate of 17 oz. in 1 gallon of water is mixed with equal quantity of pulp. Keep it overnight and wash and dry.
d)    Mechanical method:
De-seeding machine is used for extraction. Seeds and juice is separated by the machine. Seed is dried under shade.

Seeds extracted by fermentation method posses poor vigour and dull colour due to fungal activity whereas Seeds collected by acid method posses golden yellow colour and high vigour.   

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