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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Elephant yam Flower - An edible flower?

Flower buds of Elephant yam
Elephant yam flower is rarely available one. The unharvested rhizomes of Elephant foot yam flowers during April-May after getting one or two mango showers. The plant flowers for just five days and, for a few hours during that blooming, it releases an aroma of rotting flesh. So it is also called Stink lily.
Flower stage

The buds after removal of outer cover
The elephant yam flower bud is one of the edible flowers, which is a rich source of nutrients. The flower bud is comparatively less known to many because of its lesser availability. When the bud is flowered it stinks and become useless for cooking. So it should be used for cooking in bud stage.

Inner portion of flower bud

 The flower bud is as itchy as the rhizome of Elephant yam. The itchiest part of the bud is pollens. So the portion of pollens, ie lower portion of bud, should be avoided. This can be cooked in vegetarian and non-vegetarian styles.

The portion with pollen grains

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  1. I haven't seen this plant Ruffled Fan Palm before.Its indeed shows the beauty of nature.I am in love with this beautiful plant,thanks for sharing it 💚