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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ornamental Palms-Beauty spots of gardens

Today, in every small garden we can see that one or two ornamental palms are grown .They give good appearance to the small gardens. Many ornamental plants are available today. Some are suitable for planting as border row and some are suitable for planting in centre of gardens. Some varieties can also be grown in pots, over years. These pots can be placed along path ways or other suitable points of garden.

Selection of suitable varieties of Palm is very important. The right varieties have to be chosen according to our garden. Royal palm, Washington palm, Fox tail palm etc are grown singly in the centre of garden or as a row as border trees. Red, Yellow, Bismarkia, Latana, Bottle, Champagne varieties can be maintained in the centre of grass lawns. Yellow palm, Licola palm, Red palm, phoenix palm etc can be maintained in pots as well.

Ornamental palms are more or less single flowering plants. They take many years to attain their full size and maturity. So they maintain the garden beautiful for a long time.

Ornamental palms are less expensive comparing to other garden plants. They do not need much care except watering. They keep the garden cool as well as beautiful.

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  1. Palm trees makes an environment more beautiful. I always thought it was not feasible to grow it in your house. Thank you for sharing. It was helpful.